My apologies for not posting for a bit.  I’ve been back at school and it’s been pretty interesting balancing the demands of work/school/church or just plain life in general.  But I’ve been working on some posting that I’ll be sharing … Continue reading


I’ve come to understand that there is this dichotomy of experiences that I’ve been having and it’s been interesting, thought provoking and most of all, weird.  My thought process began after I read the book “Falling to Heaven” by James … Continue reading

The Surprise of the Gift of the Holy Ghost

I know I’ve been posting a bit more frequently lately, but that’s because I’m going through a lot of new and unexpected experiences that I thought I would share.  This week, it’s the surprising lesson of the Gift of the … Continue reading

Good Gosh, I’m Famous?? Maybe??

So I sent an email to Ritchie at The Cultural Hall podcasts (only the best podcast about Mormon culture) and hey, he read it to everyone!  COOL!  So if you’re here form a search or the podcast, WELCOME and please … Continue reading