My apologies for not posting for a bit.  I’ve been back at school and it’s been pretty interesting balancing the demands of work/school/church or just plain life in general.  But I’ve been working on some posting that I’ll be sharing in the near future so stay tuned.

I do want to share one thing… If any of you have had a faith crisis, you’ve most likely run across Bill Reel’s website.  He’s interviewed many, many people (including me) and sharing how one can navigate through the morass of conflicting feelings, theology and church history.  If you’ve not had a chance, please visits his website.

The reason I’m bringing this up is that he is in the mist of revamping his website and needs a bit of help to do so.  So if you’ve been helped by him, please go to his kickstarter page and donate a dollar or so.  If you’ve missed the campaign, then go to his website and donate from there.

Mormon Discussion Podcast Kickstarter Page

Mormon Discussion: Leading with Faith Website


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