Welcome to my Website!

This site is about my journey I’ve taken to return to the fold of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and an still taking as I work to qualify to return to the temple.  If you want to know more of who I am, look at the About Me page as well as the first post on the Blog page.  Here you will find stories, experiences and opinions of my own personal journey back into the church.

Disclaimer: All doctrinal opinions are my own.  If there are any errors, well, let me know in a civilized way.  Just please understand that this is all from the point of view of me, a lowly sinner and addict, who is flawed (possibly more than most) and who’s greatest desire is to be able to develop the necessary attributes and attitude that will qualify me for the upper most reaches of Heaven.

So feel free to read and comment.  BUT, be aware that because of the topic of this site, the nature of my postings and my own goal and desire to “keep it real” and helpful, all postings will be moderated and will be approved before it shows up on my site.

With that, welcome to my website.