On Hope and What “Seemeth” Good

A few weeks ago in Elders Quorum, one of the EQ Presidency gave a short lesson on Section 39 and 40. <pause while you go look it up if you so desire> So, what do these sections have to do … Continue reading

Musing on Step 3: Part 3

My apologies for taking a couple of days more than I said to post this.  Between Easter, church cleanup and helping out a friend, this past weekend was pretty packed.  But here it is… This is where I’m going to … Continue reading

Musings on Step 3: Part 2

Agency: The ability and privilege God gives us to choose and to act for ourselves.  So what is it about this agency that makes it such a big deal? Well, for one, Agency is the ability to make choices, whether … Continue reading

Musings on Step 3: Part 1

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a facilitator in the LDS’s ARP program.  To be a facilitator, one needs to have at least one year of sobriety and be active in the program.  As a facilitator, it’s my job to conduct … Continue reading